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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but what goes into making the world's most popular games? Join us as we speak to titans of the gaming world, including Zeptolab, Playrix, Nexon and Kongregate, the makers behind wildly popular games Adventure Capitalist, Cut The Rope, Gardenscapes and Battlejack, to hear how they design, develop, monetize and market their games. Tune in to Level Up by ironSource, the podcast for people who love making, growing, and of course, playing mobile games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What I wish I knew when founding a mobile games studio

    In the fifth episode of our "What I Wish I Knew When" series for indie developers, Melissa Zeloof is joined by Emily Greer, founder and CEO of Double Loop Games, who also co-founded Kongregate over a decade ago with her brother. Emily discusses her experience establishing a new games studio and ...


  2. What I wish I knew when getting started with mobile game monetization

    In the fourth episode of “What I Wish I Knew When...”, our series for indie developers, Melissa Zeloof is joined by Bozo Jankovic, who heads up Business Development at GamesBiz Consulting. Bozo and his team spend a lot of time working with indie developers to strengthen their game's monetization performance, ...


  3. Insider's perspective: Gaming and gametech | Unity

    Sally Lu, Director of Customer Success at Unity, joins Melissa Zeloof to discuss the role of Unity and gametech more generally in the games industry, and what we might expect for the future. ...


  4. Mighty Bear Games | Identifying million dollar game concepts

    Simon Davis, Co-Founder and CEO at Mighty Bear Games, joins Melissa Zeloof in our "What I wish I knew when..." series to talk about his process for identifying and evaluating new game concepts, the learning curve he's experienced, and how to avoid bias ...


  5. The rise and rise of in-game ads | Nate Morgan, Facebook Audience Network

    Host Melissa Zeloof is joined by Nate Morgan, Global Gaming Lead at Facebook Audience Network, to discuss the rise of in-game ads and the key innovations in this space, the shift to hybrid monetization models, and the opportunities in-app bidding opens up for developers. ...