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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but what goes into making the world's most popular games? Join us as we speak to titans of the gaming world, including Zeptolab, Playrix, Nexon and Kongregate, the makers behind wildly popular games Adventure Capitalist, Cut The Rope, Gardenscapes and Battlejack, to hear how they design, develop, monetize and market their games. Tune in to Level Up by ironSource, the podcast for people who love making, growing, and of course, playing mobile games.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Miniclip | The Future of Programmatic Mediation

    Pieter Kooyman, Chief Advertising Officer at Miniclip, sets the record straight on programmatic mediation and predicts what the mobile games industry can expect to see in the near future. Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/the-future-of-programmatic-mediation/ ...


  2. Mobile Free to Play | How to Make Hyper-Casual Games, Part 2: Trends and Insights

    Next in our series on hyper-casual games, Tom Kinniburgh, a mobile consultant for game studios who also runs the popular blog Mobile Free to Play, walks us through the history of hyper-casual, monetization and user acquisition best practices, and what it's like with game publishers. Read the edited highlights here: ...


  3. MAG Interactive | How to Make Hyper-Casual Games, Part 1: Hyper-Casual Game Design

    Discover the basics of how to make, design, plan and develop hyper-casual games with hyper-casual game idea fundamentals on this episode of LevelUp.Paul Woodbridge, Director of Design at MAG Interactive, shares what goes into designing a hyper-casual game, his team’s development process and standard KPIs, best practices, and the future ...


  4. ironSource | The Next Generation of Designing Interactive Mobile Ads

    Dan Greenberg, Chief Creative Officer at ironSource, shares what goes into designing hit playable ads, discusses where we can expect to see AR pop into mobile gaming, and reveals the game studio he admires most (spoiler - they build games for toddlers). Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/the-next-generation-of-interactive-mobile-ads/ ...


  5. Gram Games | User Acquisition for Mobile Games

    Tatyana Bogatyreva, Head of User Acquisition at Gram Games, discusses mobile user acquisition strategy and the differences between UA in ad-driven games and IAP-heavy titles. Tatyana gives advice on cracking UA with limited resources, and reveals why understanding monetization is imperative for executing a strong UA strategy. Read the edited ...