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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but what goes into making the world's most popular games? Join us as we speak to titans of the gaming world, including Zeptolab, Playrix, Nexon and Kongregate, the makers behind wildly popular games Adventure Capitalist, Cut The Rope, Gardenscapes and Battlejack, to hear how they design, develop, monetize and market their games. Tune in to Level Up by ironSource, the podcast for people who love making, growing, and of course, playing mobile games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Seenax | What I wish I knew when choosing a publisher

    This is the first episode in our new series for indie developers called, “what I wish I knew when.” Host Melissa Zeloof welcomes Gabriel Coriiu, Co-Founder of Seenax Oy and the developer behind the hit game, Hide and Seek. Gabriel will be talking about what he wishes he knew when ...


  2. Newzoo | How gametech is fueling the industry's growth

    Newzoo's CEO Peter Warman, and Market Lead of Game Developers and Publishers, Tyler Long, discuss the rapidly growing gametech ecosystem, how they mapped it out, and where it's headed. ...


  3. ironSource | How to make high impact ad creatives

    Melissa Zeloof welcomes Noa Eckstein, Director of Creative Performance at Playworks, to discuss all things in-ad data, including Playworks' process for optimizing ad creatives for some of the industry's biggest names. ...


  4. ironSource | How to be a Creative Sponge

    Elad Gabison, Creative Lead at Playworks, discusses his process for sparking ideas and producing ad creatives for world class mobile games. Read the transcript: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/how-to-be-a-creative-sponge/ ...


  5. ironSource | How to Build a World Class Creative Team

    Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource and founder of its in-house ad creative studio Playworks, discusses the world of ad creatives in the gaming industry, where it is headed, and how he built a world-class creative team that’s produced over 4,000 creatives for games ranging from Call of Duty ...