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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but what goes into making the world's most popular games? Join us as we speak to titans of the gaming world, including Zeptolab, Playrix, Nexon and Kongregate, the makers behind wildly popular games Adventure Capitalist, Cut The Rope, Gardenscapes and Battlejack, to hear how they design, develop, monetize and market their games. Tune in to Level Up by ironSource, the podcast for people who love making, growing, and of course, playing mobile games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. N3twork, Smule | How Game Product and UA Teams Can Work Better Together

    Next in our GPM series, Nebojsa Radovic, Director of Performance Marketing at N3twork, and Jon Lau, Director of User Acquisition at Smule discuss why it’s so important for UA and PMs to collaborate effectively and steps for building that relationship. Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/game-product-ua-work-better-together/ ...


  2. ironSource | Why Game Growth is a Loop and not a Funnel

    Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at ironSource, explains why game developers just look at growth as a funnel and not a loop, how he came up with the concept, and how developers can start implementing it into their growth strategy. Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/game-growth-loop-not-funnel/ ...


  3. Lucky Kat Studios | How an Indie Developer Reached #1 with Nothing but Bootstraps

    Herdjie Zhou co-founder and CEO of Lucky Kat Studios, speaks about the process of building his own gaming studio from the buttom up and how they got to first place on the top charts without any paid user acquisition. Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/how-an-indie-developer-reached-number-one/ ...


  4. GameMakers | How Root Cause Analysis Optimizes Game Design

    LevelUp is kicking off our new miniseries on game product management with Joe Kim, founder at GameMakers. In this pilot episode, Joe breaks down how and why product managers should do root cause analyses. Read the edited highlights here: https://www.ironsrc.com/podcasts/how-does-root-cause-analysis-optimize-game-design/ ...


  5. Homa Games | How to Make Hyper-Casual Games, Part 4: Checking In

    Next up in our hyper-casual series, Vincent Hart de Keating, Managing Director at Homa Games gives us an update on genre and where it stands in the wider gaming indstry. It's been more than a year since hyper-casual took off. Is it starting fade or just getting steam? Read the ...